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Less could no loyal soul
Let a shining robe be mine
Let all human flesh be silent
Let clouds and sunshine bless the earth
Let sleep my waking eyes forsake
Let strength my spirit nerve
Let sunshine flood the soul
Let the heavens above rejoice
Let the heavens resound with gladness
Let those that lie in slumber fast
Let Thy blood in mercy poured
Let Thy presence fill my soul
"Let us make this our dwelling place,"
Let voyages by land and sea
Life, and to live amid the bliss beyond
Life is ours, and life undying
Lift up the gates;--
Lift up the gates
Lift your eyes, ye lonely watchers
"Lift your heads, ye gates supernal,"
Light, ere the dawn in beauty broke
Light is dawning 'mong the hills,--
Light more glorious than the sun
Light of my life! bid night depart
Light of my soul! where Thy Presence is beaming
Light of our souls, a glorious day
Light serene of holy glory
Light transcendent! fill the skies
Light upon our gloom arising
Like the beams that from the sun
List not to the call of sense
List! their voices, heavenly, sweet
Listless minds are dreaming
Lo, from the regions of sorrow they come
Lo, from their watch the herdsmen raise their eyes
Lo, He cometh, King Eternal
Lo, He is dead! The suffering Christ is dead
"Lo, I am with you to the end,"
Lo, in its brightness the morning arising
Lo, in the mire of sin I lie
Lo, the clouds of night are rending
Lone disciples all amazed
Long on rugged ways He trod
Look for His smile who gilds the hills at morning
Look for the morn when night is dark and weary
Lord, by Thy Passion Thou
Lord, I am Thine, for Thou hast died for me
Lord, I am Thine, Thy love hath won my soul
Lord, I have strayed afar
Lord, in the peace of heaven
Lord, let me know that distance ne'er
Lord, let my evening prayer
Lord, let our evening prayer ascend
Lord, let the sins--our souls' distress
Lord, let us feel that Thou art near
Lord, may Thy Holy Spirit calm
Lord of all souls that live!
Lord of life eternal
Lord of life, on Thee depending
Lord of our life, wake to our help, we pray
Lord of the brave and strong
Lord of the good and true
Lord of the hills! O Christ, Thou art my Light
Lord of the hills, where earliest dawn appears
Lord of the hills, where hope aspiring wings
Lord of the hills, where massive strength abides
Lord of the morning, our souls are awaking
Lord of the souls that love
Lord of the weak and faint,--
Lord, on Thy lonesome way
Lord, rest the child, cut off at morning hour
Lord, rest the child. No bliss on earth was thine
Lord, rest the child. We will not weep for thee
Lord, rest the child. Within the heavenly place
Lord, Thou art lifted very high
Lord, to our humble prayers attend
Lord, upon our night descending
Lord, when my soul by carking care
Lord, when our souls by care oppressed
Love is like the morning
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