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A band of herdsmen tarried late
A crown of gold surpassing rare
A faith like Thine, strong, brave, and sure
A Fount of mercy, Lord, Thou art
A halo rests upon Thy brow
A King indeed, but not to reign
A Peace to still the troubled life
Accept our evening prayer
Ah! darkest night that ever falls
Ah, ill their watch they keep
Ah, long the strife endured
Ah, my soul, be up and doing
Ah, my soul, bestir, awake thee
Ah, my soul, thy Lord behold;--
Ah, my soul, when night descends
Ah, night is dark when clouds of guilt
Ah, that blest abode above
Ah, the bliss of heaven's abode
Ah, the darkness of the night
Ah, the doubting, faintly hoping
Ah, the mocking and deriding
Ah, the rage of angry foes!
Ah, the shame when He appeareth,--
Ah, the silent night hours
Ah, the thoughts that filled the mind
Ah, the trembling of that day
Ah, the visions Thou impartest
All alone, the faithful gaze
All glorious, see, the morning breaks
All hail, the Christ! Immortal Thou!
All hail, Thou Sun of Righteousness
All Holy, Holy, Holy
All praise to Thee, Eternal God
All praise to Thee, the God of Light
'Alleluia! all is ended
'Alleluia! all is past,--
'Alleluia, let us sing
Almighty God, great Source of all
Almighty God, Thou Holy Ghost
Almighty God! Thy power controls
Almighty God! Thy power supreme
Almighty God! we lift our eyes
Amid our daily life He bears
And as the lingering ages pass
And as the morn from darkness springs
And cruel hands are on Him laid
And ever through the linkèd years
And eyes with sorrow filled were made
And falls the twilight o'er our heads
And fired with love, that wondrous love proclaim
And greet the light that makes them free
And having light within
And His weeping followers came
And hold me up, lest to the mire
And I shall make my heart's request,--
And in our hearts, the home of love
And in that land the fairest
And in the midst of snares
And in Thy blest abode
And in Thy fair, calm haven, blest
And in Thy name I trust
And know the love that giveth rest
And let Him bring sweet comfort near
And let my life be ordered quite
And let the endless bliss begin
And let the Spirit's aid revive
And let us walk as those whose eyes
And my rags with mire defiled
And nations heard the truth, and gave
And now, a sense of guilt
And now, amid the bliss of heaven
And now 'tis eve, and solemn night
And now 'tis night, and night within
And raise them to the calm of heaven
And see the toils we bear
And sin and death no longer reign
And the day of God shall waken
And the strength of God is thine
And they bow in lowly worship
And they sought the living there
And Thine the glory, Thine the power
And Thou art still the Christ Who guides
And Thou didst hear the humble prayer
And Thou hast changed my thought of Thee
And Thou hast power to-day as then
And Thou, O Christ, art still the same
And Thou wilt bear me all life through
And though our flesh He meekly wears
And through the coming hours of night
And to the Holy Comforter
And we shall give Thee praises
And when the brightest morn shall break
And when the end of life is near
And when the morning wakes
And when we leave the world behind
And while He climbed the heavenly path
And while the ages run
Angel-bands whose harps resound
Angels look with wondering gaze
Angels, on the night winds
Arise, my soul, and gaily sing
Around us let Thy shield be cast
Art Thou not Christ? The Christ of God, art Thou?
As seasons come, Good Lord, ordain
As Thou didst say--His power can still
As Thou didst say--O Spirit, come
As Thou didst say--the Spirit came
As Thou didst say--the Spirit's power
As Thou didst say--the Spirit's voice
Ascended Christ! in mercy yet
Ask, and thy prayer with arrow's speed
At early dawn, with pious thought
At morn, at noon, at night, I'll pray
Awake, arise, and as the angel throng
Awake, arise, and greet the dawning day
Awake, arise, nor seek the empty tomb
Awake, my soul, awake!
Awake, my soul, bestir thee, for the hour is drawing nigh
Awake! the Christ arose
Awake! the morn is here
Awake! the morning sings
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