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tr., John Brownlie




O Love of God, surpassing far

The loves that human hearts unite,

Far from our ken as yonder star

That sheds its radiance on the night;


High as the heavens, and deep as hell,

Broad as the world’s infinite need,—

None but the Christ that love can tell,

And none its winning power impede.


Glory to God! that love exprest

Came in the gift our need required,

And in the Christ our lives are blest,

And by His love are souls inspired.


And from the manger to the cross,

And at the noon-day and the night,

He bore the burden of our loss,

Nor shunned the anguish and despite.


And ’twas the love of God He showed,

When, crowned with shame, He meekly died;—

No gifts by bleeding love bestowed,

So great as Jesus crucified.

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