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The New Year

All-embracing as the Greek Service Books are, curiously enough, strictly speaking, they contain no Thanksgiving services. It has been left for the Russian Church to make them for the Greeks to imitate.

The models of the Ectene and Litanies are found in the Euchologion, at vespers, but adaptations of their petitions to every eventuality in human life, are the work of Russians, whose names, however, have not been preserved. Here is an example from the Thanksgiving service for the New Year.

tr., John Brownlie




Lord, let us feel that Thou art near,

And while we pray, in mercy hear;

Crown with Thy love the opening year;—

Have mercy, Lord.


Of Thy benignity, we pray,

Thy gracious Spirit grant alway,

Our strife and discord to allay;—

Have mercy, Lord.


May peace our inmost soul possess,

And in our lives our converse bless,

With unaffected kindliness;—

Have mercy, Lord.


Our sinful past, we here repent,

With tears our wayward course lament,

Now, let Thy pardoning grace be sent;—

Have mercy, Lord.


As seasons come, Good Lord ordain

That we the fruits of earth obtain,

Send us the sunshine and the rain;—

Have mercy, Lord.


With strength Thy Holy Church endue,

The anger of her foes subdue,

The offerings of Thy grace renew;—

Have mercy, Lord.

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