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τὸν πιστὸν οἰκέτην σου, ἀνάπαυσον

ὡς εὔσπλαγχνος.

Burial of a priest

tr., John Brownlie




Rest in the Lord, O servant by His grace,

Dwell in His courts, and gaze upon His face,

Know nought of toil, of weariness, or woe,

They rest who serve, not weary, as below.


Rest in the Lord, the strife of war is past,

Wear now the wreath of victory at last;

E’en death is slain,—the cross of Christ sufficed,

Death is not death, to those who live in Christ.


Rest in the Lord, the goal of life is won,

To thee ’tis given to hear the glad “Well done”;

Great their reward, who, till their Lord appear,

Serve in the vineyard of the Master, here.


Rest in the Lord; none can His honour claim,

They honour have, who honour most His name;

Thine this reward who counted gain but loss,

Nor felt it shame to glory in the cross.


Rest in the Lord; swift comes the happy time,

When we who strive shall reach Thy fairer clime;

Christ, give us welcome when the toil is past,

And bring us to the bliss of heaven, at last.

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