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tr., John Brownlie




O God, the Holy Ghost,

Thou Lord of light appear,

And, as of old, at Pentecost,

Come to us, waiting here;

And let the darkness that enshrouds,

Pass from our souls like passing clouds.


O God, the Holy Ghost—

The choicest gifts are Thine;

Grant us the grace we covet most,

And virtues most divine;

And with Thy purifying fire,

Consume, we pray, our vain desire.


O God, the Holy Ghost,

With strength our weakness brace,

That e’en the threatenings of a host

We may with courage face;

And put satanic power to flight,

That bears upon our souls with might.


O God, the Holy Ghost,

Our soul’s enduring Friend,

For all the gifts of Pentecost

Our grateful songs ascend;—

Thee, with the Father, and the Son

We worship, glorious Three in One.

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