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tr., John Brownlie




Spirit of God, in love descend,

And make our hearts Thy place of rest,

In all our need a steadfast Friend

To fill our store with gifts the best;


To cleanse our souls with holy fire

From sordid stains that guilt imparts,

And with Thy heavenly power inspire

Our languid zeal, and fainting hearts;


To lift our minds to nobler things

Than earth from all its best can show,—

The wealth that flies on speedy wings,

The fleeting joys, like sparks that glow.


Come in the hour of sore distress,

When, deep the heart for comfort sighs,

And with Thy soothing kindliness

The tear-drops wipe from weeping eyes.


“Lo, I am with you to the end,”

Thus speaks the promise of our Lord;

O Spirit of the Christ, descend,

Fulfil to us the gracious word.

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