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tr., John Brownlie




This be our prayer, O Saviour of our souls,

When night is dark, and muttering thunder rolls,

For none but Thee the power of hell controls,—

Have mercy, Lord.


There is no help, if Thou no help wilt bring;

No heavenly messenger on speedy wing;

Hope gilds the morn, if to Thy cross we cling,—

Have mercy, Lord.


Woeful the threats that flash from Sinai’s hill;

Dark are the fears, our guilty souls that fill;

Help we have none,—O then, of Thy sweet will,

Have mercy, Lord.


Strong is the arm that in our cause was raised,—

Christ, be Thy name to endless ages praised,

Who, at the hands of sinners was abased;—

Have mercy, Lord.


Doomed to our death, the God-man bowed the head;

Pierced for our sins, upon the cross He bled;

Life is His gift, Who liveth, and was dead;—

Have mercy, Lord;


Life, and to live, amid the bliss beyond,

Where souls beloved, to loving souls respond,

Free from all bondage in Thy gentle bond,—

Have mercy, Lord.

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