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John Brownlie


Darkly the tempest swept

Over the sea;

Fiercely the billows leapt,

Bounding and free;

Sternly each rower bent,

While in the firmament

Clouds were by lightnings rent,

O'er Galilee.

Pillowed, the Master lay,

Rocked by the deep;

Worn with the toil of day,

Weary, asleep;

"Master," they fearful cry,

"Wake to the danger nigh;

Winds from the threatening sky,

Billows that leap."


Calmly the Master rose--

Winds are assuaged;

Sank into calm repose

Waters that raged,

"Peace!" O Thou Lord of might,

Speak in our dread affright,

When through our troubled night,

Battles are waged.

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