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John Brownlie


Almighty God, great Source of all,

Upholder of the earth and sea,

To whom Thy works unceasing call,

Throughout their vast immensity;

The heaven reflects Thy glory bright,

From sunlit dome, and starry height.

Dark clouds surround Thy kingly seat;

But where Thou art is peerless light;

There righteousness and mercy meet

In all their gentleness and might;

The beauty of Thy place of bliss

Is purity and holiness.


Almighty God! Thy power supreme

The rebel arm presumes to win,

While all the hosts of hell blaspheme,

And hurl the darts of death and sin;

But lo, the God-man, girt with might,

Hath turned the hosts of hell to flight.

Almighty God! we lift our eyes

To where the awful cross is raised,

And there, by holy sacrifice,

Behold the pride of sin abased;

And at His feet, whose love o'ercame,

Renew our fealty to Thy name.

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