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John Brownlie


He led them forth to Bethany,

And with uplifted hand,

Invoked abiding blessing there,

Upon His chosen band.

And while He climbed the heavenly path,

His followers with amaze

Beheld the Christ from earth ascend,

Beyond their farthest gaze.

O Christ, our Lord, ascended now,

The Kingdom is Thine own;

And angel hosts in triumph lead

The Victor to His throne.


But think upon the days of woe,

The sorrow and the pain,

And visit with Thy gracious help

Thy followers again.

That they may stand while others fall,

And fight while others flee,

And on the cross their arms extend

In loyalty to Thee.

And raise them to the calm of heaven

When all the strife is past,

Where saints behold Thee and adore

While endless ages last.

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