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John Brownlie


τας εσπερινας ημϖν ευχας

Accept our evening prayer,

O Holy Christ our Lord,

And grant forgiveness of our sin

According to Thy word,

Who, by Thy rising, hast revealed

A power that lay from man concealed.

Oh come, ye people, come,

Give praise to Christ your God;

The glory of His rising tell

To all the world abroad:

For He is God, whose power hath hurled

The great accuser from the world.


Encompass Zion round,

And in her midst proclaim

The glory of the Son of God,

Who back from bondage came;

Who burst the gates of death, to win

Our freedom from the yoke of sin.

Thy Passion, Lord, hath freed

Our souls from passion's reign;

Nor may we know corruption base,

Since Thou hast risen again;

Glory to Thee, O Christ the Lord,

Son of our God, Incarnate Word!

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