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John Brownlie


Over trackless regions,

From the Morning land,

Bearing costly treasures,

Came a seeking band--

Wise men with devotion,

From the Morning land.

Wheresoe'er the star led,

In the ebon sky,

Thither pressed those wise men,

With uplifted eye,

Following the star light

In the ebon sky.

They would find the young King

Whom the star foretold;

They would render homage,

And their gifts unfold,

Bowing low before Him,

Whom the star foretold.


Jesu, Son of David,

God's Incarnate Word,

Endless, unbegotten,

By the wise adored--

We would bow before Thee,

God's Incarnate Word.

Not without an offering

Would we seek our King;

But with true devotion

What is noblest, bring--

With a gift so precious,

Would we seek our King.

Jesu, King Eternal,

Son of God, Divine,

Man, yet still remaining

Of the Godbead Trine--

See, our hearts we give Thee,

Son of God, Divine.

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