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John Brownlie


Lo, the clouds of night are rending,

Clad in light, heavenly bright,

Herald hosts to earth descending,

Hail approaching morn.

Hail the morn with heavenly singing,

And the song, they prolong,

News untold to earth is bringing,

Of Immanuel born.

Fearful watchers, see the glory,

Cease to gaze with amaze;

Herdsmen, sages, list the story,

Peace abides on earth.


Glory! sons of men repeat it,

Heavenly morn, Christ is born,

Lift your eyes to heaven and greet it,

Greet Immanuel's birth.

Gone the dismal years of waiting,

Angels bright, shed your light!

Peace hath banished ill and hating,

On this glorious morn.

Glory be to God ascending,

And the Son, who hath won

Life for man in bliss unending,

Now the Christ is born.

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