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John Brownlie


See where the orb of day

In glory sinks to rest,

The clouds of gold and purple crown

The mountains of the west;

And eve in silence brings

The night on dusky wings.

It is the hour of peace,

And hearts to heaven ascend:

Come with your burdens and your care,

To an unchanging Friend;

And let the passing day

Bear all your fears away.

It is the hour of prayer;

Let every fault be known;

Unveil the secrets of the soul,

And every sin disown;

The blood for sinners spilt,

Shall bear away your guilt.


It is the hour of praise;

Let joy the stillness break;

And every grateful thought of God

To living song awake;

And saints in heaven shall bear

To God your fervent prayer.

The night in silence falls:

O God, to Thee be praise!

And to the Spirit and the Son,

Throughout the endless days;

Eternal Three in One,

While endless ages run.

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