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Rick Brannan

Information Architect

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 Rick Brannan

Brannan is an “Information Architect” for Logos Bible Software. His focus is on the development and implementation of Greek-language databases (that is, NT/Hellenistic Greek). He writes tools to help in the tagging of data and then processing the data so that it is usable inside of Logos Bible Software. He works with morphological databases of the Greek New Testament as well as with several other morphological databases, like the Logos version of the Apostolic Fathers in Greek.

Rick has also worked on the implementation of a linguistic annotation of the Greek NT at the phrase and clause level (the Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament) and a more traditional syntactic analysis (The Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament.)

He also love books- particularly books that have to do with the Pastoral Epistles, Apostolic Fathers, Greek of the New Testament, Corpus Linguistics and Styleometry; as well as Syntax and Grammar of Hellenistic (Koine/NT) Greek. His academic interests lie in the realm of the intersection of time, culture and development of the church between the Pauline corpus (between 51-64 CE/AD) and the post-apostolic literature ( 80 CE/AD).

Rick blogs at and the Logos Bible Software blog at as well at his personal blog at


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