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In the Meal-time, Pray:

O most liberal Distributor of thy gifts, who gives all kinds of good things to use, thou being pure give pure things, grant to me thy grace, that I misuse not these thy gracious gifts given to our use and profit. Let us not love them because thou dost give us these things, but rather let us love Thee, because thou gives them, and because they are necessary for us for a season, till we come unto thee. Grant us to be conversant among thy gifts soberly, purely, temperately, holily, because thou art such: so shall not we turn to the poison of our souls, that which thou hast given for the medicine of our bodies, but using thy benefits thankfully, we shall find them profitable both to soul and body

Occasions to meditate

Think that the meats and drinks set before you, are given to you to use, and not to abuse; think they are given to profit and not to hurt you, think that they are not given to you alone, but unto others also, by you. In eating and drinking, think that you do but feed the worms. Remember the poor prisoners, the sick, &c., as though you were in their case. Think upon the food of your soul, Christ's body broken, and his blood shed. Desire the meat that lasts for ever, (John vi.) work for it; Christ's meat was to do his Father's will. (John iv.)


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