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"Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked; between him that serveth God, and him that serveth him not."--Mal. 3:18.

"Wohin, wohin?"


transl., Jane Borthwick, 1858

"Whither, oh! whither?" "With blind-folded eyes,

Down a wild torrent under stormy skies,

A gulf between two dark eternities,

Drifting, we know not where!"

"Whither oh! whither?" "To a land of light,

A home of loveliness serene and bright,

Joyfully hastening with steady flight,

Our hearts before us there!"


"Whither, oh! whither?" "Life's short pleasures past,

Hope's funeral knell the sound on every blast,

Heaven's entrance closed, to ruin hurried fast,

A leaf before the wind!"

"Whither, oh! whither?" "Pilgrims near their home,

No longer in a foreign land to roam;

Bright and beloved ones waiting till we come,

All sorrow left behind!"

"Whither, oh! whither?" "Who the path can say

To where some star will lend a cheering ray?

Or through earth's labyrinth direct our way,

So wildly sought in vain!"

"Whither, oh! whither?" "Christ the risen One,

Through life and death, hath now to glory gone,

He sends His messengers to lead us on--

The way is broad and plain!"


"Whither, oh! whither?" "Terrible reply

From yon white throne of judgment in the sky:

'Depart, accursed! from my presence fly

Forever'--awful word!"

"Whither, oh! whither?" "Washed from earthly stain,

No more to wander or to fall again;

Forever with the Father to remain,

Forever with the Lord!"

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