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THE reader must be warned not to follow the perverse judgment of some men, who contemn divine revelations and visions, as though they were vain dreams, and thereby show themselves to be unspiritual, and wanting in humility. For we should not esteem of little account the revelations that have been divinely manifested, by which the Church of God is wonderfully enlightened. It is certain that the holy Prophets (into whom the Spirit of God descended like a most sweet torrent), learnt the truth without error by revelation. And the Blessed Paul commending to the Galatians the Gospel which he preached, asserts that he received it, “not of man, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ” (Galat. i. 12). Lastly, the Holy Scriptures are full of divine revelations, and the Lord ever was and ever will be able to work whatsoever He willeth in the pure souls of His elect. Let, therefore, the pious reader receive with a humble and grateful mind the holy revelations here related, for thus will he derive from them immense fruit and consolation.

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