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Hail Mary, in whom the heavens exult, and the earth rejoices: hail, fair lily of the glorious Trinity, and blooming rose of heavenly 114loveliness. Thou, after Thy Son, art the Mistress of all creation: so that at Thy name, also, every knee doth bow, of things in heaven, and things on earth, and things under the earth: Thee do the angelic hosts most reverently obey. Thou art that Mother of peaceful light, which lovingly enlighteneth the souls of them that love Thee. Thou art that sweetest parent of goodness, who dost happily lead thy faithful servants to the pleasant abodes of Paradise. Thou art that lovely dove,, rising above the water courses, from whose features exhale the sweetness of precious perfumes. The hosts of the blessed praise and continually bless Thy name. To Thee, O Lady, do I raise my countenance, on Thee do I cast the eyes of my heart, in Thee doth my soul confide. Have pity on me, for my salvation is in Thy hands.

Hail, undefiled, and free from all spot or stain, Thou virgin Mother of God: Hail Mary, most sure refuge of all that run to Thee. Thou art that strong tower, whose bulwarks protect all that are within it. Thou art the faithful protector of all that praise Thee. Thou art that fair cloud which cooleth the intensity of the heat. Thou art 115that timely dew which quencheth the fiery furnace. Thou art the pure grain, threshed from the straw. Thou art the lily among thorns, and the flower of the valley. Thou art wholly meek and lovely, and all beaming, and all bounteous. Those that are far from Thee, Thou enlightenest with the rays of mercy; those that are near, Thou cherishest with the sweets of devotion. Keep me, O sweetest advocate, and after the waves of this life are passed, lead me to the harbour of everlasting salvation.

Hail Mary, the theme of prophets, and glory of apostles, martyrs, confessors, and virgins. Thou art the most lovely palm of righteousness. Thou art the most fragrant spikenard of modesty. Thou art the blooming garden full of heavenly delights. Thou art the ark of the covenant, containing that sweetest manna. Thou art that blessed soil which bringeth forth a blessed fruit. Thou art the spiritual rock gushing forth with plenteous streams. Thou art that sacred fountain, swelling into the largest river. O Mary, how holy art thou; how sinful am I! how humble art Thou; how proud am I! how sublime art Thou; how unworthy am I! O undefiled one, how vast a distance is 116there between Thine angelic purity and my intolerable uncleanness Purify, I beseech Thee, my heart from the filth of sin: take from me whatever is displeasing to Thy virgin eyes. Separate my heart from earthly desires, and establish it in the love of heavenly things, to the everlasting praise and honour of Thy Son.

Hail Mary, most precious pearl, and after Thy Son, the choicest jewel of the human race. Thou art all beautiful, O Virgin, all lovely art Thou, and free from all spot of sin. Nothing impure ever clave unto Thy most chaste soul: no spiritual grace was ever wanting in it. Thou excellent the prophets in faith, the apostles in holy zeal, martyrs in patience, confessors in humility, virgins in innocence. Thou art decorated with ineffable ornaments: all the citizens of the heavenly palace are lost in admiration of Thee. Thou art the brightest sun which never sets. On earth Thou kindlest heaven with Thy rays; in heaven Thou enlightenest the earth, Thou Sun that scatterest the clouds of sin. When I consider, O Lady, the dazzling brightness of Thy holiness, I blush exceedingly at the darkness of my impurity; but, humbly prostrate at Thy feet, I 117acknowledge my sinfulness. Despise me not, I beseech Thee, Thou that art my sweetest hope. O may the vast and exceeding compassion of my most loving mother alleviate. the misery of me, a most worthless sinner.

Hail, most holy Virgin, hail Mary, Thou that art among all blessed women, remarkable for the greatness of Thy own blessedness. Thou art that pleasant valley blooming with the lilies of all virtues; Thou the blessed Paradise flowing with delicious consolations; Thou that lovely rose wafting forth unspeakable sweetness; Thou the chosen shell, dropping with the richness of most honied love; Thou the brilliant star of Jacob, the ornament of the heaven of heavens. Thou art the budding rod of Jesse, gladdening the whole world. Thy loveliness, Thy grace, Thy dignity, are the wonder and amazement of all blessed spirits. O Virgin of passing elegance, of exceeding holiness! O Lady most renowned, that sittest above the angelic choirs, having the throne nearest to Almighty God, attend, I beseech Thee, to my sorrows and my groanings. Visit and console me, Thy useless servant, and absolved from my sins, make me all pleasing unto Thee.


Hail Mary, singular ornament of heaven, and precious refuge of the earth. Hail, Mother of the everlasting King, blessed a thousand times: rejoice, O Thou that wert so greatly longed for to restore us to the grace that we had lost. Thou art the Mistress of all things, and sharest a common empire with Thy Son. To Thee every age and sex justly bow the head: at Thy feet the whole world is justly prostrate. For after the ineffable Trinity, after Thy beloved Son, the court of heaven possesses nought more wonderful than Thee. At Thy name the devils tremble, at Thy brightness the powers of darkness take their flight, at thy bidding the gates of Paradise are opened. Thou, after Thy Son, art the hope of all Christians. O Queen of mercy! O sweetness of life! to Thee do I cry, poor miserable child of Eve! to Thee do I sigh, a piteous exile in this valley of tears! Turn not away Thy face, I beseech Thee, O my Lady; but keep me in my toils, protect me in my struggles, strengthen me when I am weak and falter; and after this exile is ended, show unto me the blessed fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.

Hail, purest abode of the Holy Ghost, and spotless sanctuary of the Word of God! 119hail, most holy Mother and Virgin, Mary! who didst bring forth Christ Jesus, the joy of men and angels, and didst wrap Him in poor rags, and wind Him in swaddling clothes, didst bear Him in Thy arms, and cherish him in Thy bosom, didst suckle Him at Thy breast, and didst cover Him with kisses and fond embraces. I ask of Thee, O Lady, and beseech Thy everlasting, heart, by Thy mother’s care and zealous watchings which Thou spentest over the cradle and infancy of Thy only-begotten Son, that Thou wouldst be my patron before Him, and would blot out my sins, obtain for me grace, and pour light upon my soul. Amen.

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