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HAIL, sweet Jesus! praise and honour, and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who standing before Pilate, didst in great humility, keep silence at all the unjust accusations, and slanders of the Jews; and as a gentle lamb that openeth not its mouth, didst not contradict them when they brought forward their charges against 43Thee. Give me grace never to be disturbed by the false accusations of others, but may I overcome every injury, by silence tad meekness. Give me the grace of perfect humility; so that I may never desire praise, nor refuse any measure of contempt.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory be to Thee, O Christ, Thou Lamb without spot, against whom the pious Pharisees and Scribes raged with obstinate hatred. For although Pilate testified that he found no cause of death in Thee, yet they would not be satisfied with any thing save Thy death. Give me grace to imitate Thine innocence and patience, that I may both lead a godly life, and if, for so doing, I am evil spoken of, that I may remain at rest in Thee, giving way to no indignation, but rendering Thee thanks in all adversity.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who wert led with the greatest ignominy, as a wicked criminal, through the midst of the city, from one judgment seat to another, and from Pilate to Herod, amidst the noise and shouts of the people. O give me grace never to be overcome by the injuries of my 44enemies, nor to be exasperated by any slander: may I never feel any false shame at being despised, but may I receive everything in meekness, and endure all things in silence for Thine honour, so that, by the assistance of Thy grace, I may in patience possess my soul.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who, when Herod did ask Thee many vain and foolish questions, and when Thou wert falsely wound in divers ways by the chief Priests and Scribes, didst humbly keep a meet and becoming silence. O give me grace to restrain my tongue in a manner well pleasing unto Thee: suffer me not to utter hurtful words: suffer me not to be taken up with fruitless stories, but give me grace to say what is right, and profitable, and honest, according to Thy will may . I abhor the sin of evil speaking, and be ever glad to think and speak well of all men.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour; and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who didst condemn, by Thy silence, the foolish curiosity of Herod, and wouldst not gratify his curious eyes by the performance of any miracle, because he had not his own salvation 45at heart, and didst thereby teach us to avoid all ostentation before the great ones of this world. Pour into my heart a spirit of deep humility, mortify and quench within me all desire of vain-glory. Grant that I may never do any thing in order to gain the praise of men, but may always act with a single eye to the glory of Thy most holy name, and may come before Thee day by day in a true spirit of humility and meekness.

Hail, sweet Jesus I praise, and honour, and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who didst not refuse to be set at nought by Herod and his men of war, nor to be clothed in a white garment, and to be mocked and laughed at as a fool and madman. Give me grace, O Lord, to choose rather to be an outcast with Thee, than to be glorious with the world; may I think it better and more honourable to suffer reproach for Thy name, than to prosper in the vain honours of the world. Give me grace, that truly acknowledging my Own sins, and my own unworthiness, I may be nothing in my own sight, but may always despise and accuse myself, and daily lament over my own wretchedness.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, 46and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who wert sent back with shame, clothed in a fool’s garment, from Herod to Pilate, and didst in all things obey Thy enemies, going backwards and forwards according to their pleasure. Grant that I may not shrink from being despised, nor refuse obedience even to those who injure me. Give me grace to have no feeling for the things of this world, but to think of, and care for, and love Thee alone. Mayest Thou alone be my honour, my delight, my love, my glory, and my joy. Amen.

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