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HAIL, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, whom Thy faithless disciple Judas, did sell for a vile sum of money to the Jews who were persecuting Thee, and conspiring against Thy life. Root out, I beseech Thee, from my heart all evil love of creatures. Grant that I may never prefer any thing to Thee: make me always show the most perfect charity towards all men, and especially to those who trouble me. Pardon me, O holy Redeemer, for having so often preferred vain and perishable things to Thee, and for having for the sake of vile pleasures, turned myself from Thee.


Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory be to Thee, O Christ, who didst eat. the Passover with Thy disciples at Jerusalem, according to the commandment of the law, and didst give them an example of humility and holy love, by kneeling down upon the ground and washing their feet, and wiping them with a linen cloth. O that this Thy example may penetrate my soul, and may thoroughly destroy all haughtiness and pride within me. Give me, O Lord, the deepest humility, so that I may, without delay, perform the lowest ministry to all men. Give me perfect obedience, that I may, with all diligence, observe as Thy commandments whatsoever Thy vicars may appoint. Give me most fervent charity, that I may sincerely love all mankind.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory be to Thee, O Christ, who out of Thine unspeakable love, didst institute the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and hast in it, given Thyself to us with wondrous liberality, so that Thou mightest remain with us even bodily unto the end of the world. Give me, I beseech Thee, an earnest longing, and enkindle in my inmost soul, an intense hunger for this adorable sacrament. Grant that 29when I go to that table of life, I may receive Thee with chaste affections, great humility, and perfect purity of heart. May my soul so thirst for Thee now, and so languish in Thy love, that I may one day be found meet to enjoy the delights of Thine eternal kingdom, to the-glory of Thy name.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, And glory be to Thee, O Christ, who when Thou wert about to leave the world, didst exhort and comfort with words of unspeakable sweetness Thy chosen disciples, and didst most earnestly commend them in prayer to Thy Father, thereby most plainly showing how tenderly Thou didst love both them and us, who were to believe through their word. Grant that my heart may ever relish Thy words, and that I may find them sweeter than honey to my taste. O that the spirit of that burning exhortation may so glide into my heart, that I may be wholly transformed into Thy love. So direct all my ways, O Lord my God, that Thy holy will may be done in and by me for ever and ever.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who went out with Thy disciples across the brook Cedron, and came into a garden in which 30Thou knewest Thou wouldst be taken. O may I entirely give up my own will, and always follow and love Thine. May I, for Thine honour, and the salvation of my brethren, boldly endure all adversity, and be willing even to lay down my life, if Thy divine providence should so ordain it.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory be to Thee, O Christ, who, as Thy passion drew nigh, didst begin to be sorrowful and sad, and very heavy, so that by transferring the weakness of Thy members to Thyself, Thou mightest be able to console and strengthen them, when they were in fear at the approach of death, by this Thine own weakness which Thou hadst willingly taken upon Thee. Preserve me, I beseech Thee, both from immoderate sorrow, and from foolish gladness. Grant that the grief which I have hitherto endured, may be for Thy glory, and the remission of my sins. Remove mercifully from me all distrust and inordinate weakness, and confirm and establish my whole soul in Thee.

Hail, sweet Jesus! praise, and honour, and glory, be to Thee, O Christ, who didst fall prostrate on the ground and prayed to Thy Father, humbly offering Thy whole 31self to Him, and saying, Thy will be done. Give me grace in every necessity and trouble, to fly to Thee in prayer, and freely to resign and give myself up to Thy will. May I never unduly endeavour to escape from troubles; but receive all things from Thy hand with a quiet mind, and may I endure every thing in meekness of spirit for love of Thee. Amen.

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