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THEE, O Father unbegotten, Thee, O only-begotten San, Thee, O Holy Ghost, the Comforter, One, Almighty, Everlasting and Unchangeable God, Creator of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible, I suppliantly adore. I confess that Thou art truly, and in an unspeakable manner, Three in person, and truly one in substance. I praise Thee, O Blessed Trinity, ever at rest in Thy glorious light, One Godhead, most merciful Lord, sweetest hope, most cherished light, rest deeply yearned after, joy, life, all and every good. I commend both my soul 10and body to Thy most tender care. I give up my whole self to Thy most sacred Majesty. I give and bind myself over wholly to Thy will. To Thee be honour and glory. Amen.

O Heavenly Father, O Father of Mercies, my Lord and my God, have mercy upon me a most worthless sinner, have mercy upon all men. In full amendment, and expiation, and satisfaction for all mine iniquities and negligences, and for the sins of the whole world, and to make up in the most perfect manner for all the good works and merits in which I am wanting, I offer unto Thee Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in union with that excessive love which caused Thee to send Him to us as our Saviour. I offer unto Thee His most Holy Incarnation, Life, Passion, and Death. I offer Thee His most wonderful virtues, and whatsoever He did and suffered for our sakes. I offer Thee His labours, His travails, His torments, and precious blood. I offer Thee the merits of the most Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints. Keep me, I beseech Thee, O most merciful Father, by this Thy Son, in the power of the Holy Ghost. Be present with all miserable sinners, and of Thy mercy bring them 11back into the way of salvation. Grant unto all the living, pardon and grace, and to the faithful departed, rest and everlasting light. Amen.

O Holy Spirit, most sweet Comforter, who proceedest in an ineffable manner from the Father and the Son, come, I beseech Thee, and glide into my heart. Wash me over and over, and cleanse me thoroughly from all sin, and hallow my soul. Look on my soul, wash its filth, bedew its drought, heal its wounds, bend its stiffness, warm its chill, guide its waywardness. Make me truly humble and resigned that I may please Thee; and do Thou ever rest upon me. O most blessed Light, Light of all loveliness, be Thou shed on me! O honied sweet of Paradise! O Fountain of most pure delights! Give Thyself to me, O my God, and enkindle in mine inmost breast the fire of Thy burning love. Teach Thou me, O my Lord. Guide and protect me in all things. Strengthen my spirit against an undue weakness of purpose, vouchsafe unto me a right faith, unswerving . hope, and sincere and perfect charity. Grant that I may always do Thy most gracious will. Amen.

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