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At Last!

Gerhard Ter Steegen

Ps. lxxxiv. 4

Draw me to Thee, till far within Thy rest,

In stillness of Thy peace, Thy voice I hear—

For ever quieted upon Thy breast,

So loved, so near.

By mystery of Thy touch my spirit thrilled,

O Magnet all Divine;

The hunger of my soul for ever stilled,

For Thou art mine.

For me, O Lord, the world is all too small,

For I have seen Thy face,

Where Thine eternal love irradiates all

Within Thy secret place.

And therefore from all others, from all else,

Draw Thou my soul to Thee …

… Yea—Thou hast broken the enchanter's spells,

And I am free.

Now in the haven of untroubled rest

I land at last,

The hunger, and the thirst, and weary quest

For ever past.

There, Lord, to lose, in bliss of Thine embrace

The recreant will;

There, in the radiance of Thy blessed Face,

Be hushed and still;

There, speechless at Thy pierced Feet

See none and nought beside,

And know but this—that Thou art sweet,

That I am satisfied.

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