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The Quiet Land

Gerhard Ter Steegen

Deut. xxvi. 9

Stillness midst the ever-changing,

Lord, my rest art Thou;

So for me has dawned the morning,

God's eternal NOW.

Now for me the day unsetting,

Now the song begun;

Now, the deep surpassing glory,

Brighter than the sun.

Hail! all hail! thou peaceful country

Of eternal calm;

Summer land of milk and honey,

Where the streams are balm.

There the Lord my Shepherd leads me,

Wheresoe'er He will;

In the fresh green pastures feeds me,

By the waters still.

Well I know them, those still waters!

Peace and rest at last;

In their depths the quiet heavens

Tell the storms are past,

Nought to mar the picture fair,

Of the glory resting there.

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