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A Song

G. P. G.

John xiii. 1

Jesus, the One unchanging,

Thy love I know;

I remember the Cross and the passion

Of long ago.

Jesus, Thy love unchanging,

How passing sweet,

When I shall arise with singing

Thyself to meet!

Jesus! the One unchanging,

That love of yore,

That love that shall be my gladness

For evermore—

That love is the love that bears me

O'er starless deeps;

That never through long night watches

Slumbers nor sleeps—

That filleth the lonely chambers

With psalm and song,

And along my journey guards me,

All, all along.

Of old on the Cross not deeper

Than now it is deep—

Not sweeter in innermost Heaven

Than whilst I weep.

Nor less whilst I traverse the desert

In pilgrim guise,

Than when white and radiant before Thee

In Paradise.

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