Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter I. The Sermon of Dr. Tauler

Chapter II. Another Sermon of Dr. Tauler

Chapter III. Nicholar Tells the Master Wholesom Truths

Chapter IV. Who Was Nicholas

Chapter V. The Belief of the Brethren

Chapter VI. The Love of the Brethren

Chapter VII. The Preaching of the Brethren

Chapter VIII. Nicholar Tells His Story to Dr. Tauler

Chapter IX. The Master Owns Himself a Sinner

Chapter X. The Master Learns His A. B. C.

Chapter XI. How It Fared Further with the Master

Chapter XII. Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By

Chapter XIII. The Sermon to the Nuns

Chapter XIV. The Great Power of God

Chapter XV. The Serpent Lifted Up

Chapter XVI. The Merchantmen in the Temple

Chapter XVII. “The Heritage of the Heathen”

Chapter XVIII. The Freighted Ship

Chapter XIX. The Apple Trees

Chapter XX. Work

Chapter XXI. The Religion of Man

Chapter XXII. Rest

Chapter XXIII. The Summer Fields

Chapter XXIV. The Cause and the Effect

Chapter XXV. The Full Measure

Chapter XXVI. The Heart of God

Chapter XXVII. The Unveiled Face

Chapter XXVIII. The Vineyards

Chapter XXIX. The Water-Springs

Chapter XXX. Out of Egypt

Chapter XXXI. The Wilderness

Chapter XXXII. The Mass

Chapter XXXIII. The Mystics

Chapter XXXIV. The Master’s Friends

Chapter XXXV. The Vengeance of Rome

Chapter XXXVI. The Farewell

Chapter XXXVII. The Cloud

Chapter XXXVIII. Nicholas of Basle

Chapter XXXIX. Night to Be Remembered

Chapter XL. Four Sad Years

Chapter XLI. Light and Darkness

Chapter XLII. The Sect Everywhere Spoken Against

Chapter XLIII. The Mountain Home

Chapter XLIV. The House of the Green Meadow

Chapter XLV. Nicholas at Rome

Chapter XLVI. The Chariot of Fire

Chapter XLVII. The Pilgrim’s Progress of 1352

Chapter XLVIII. More Light and Less Love

Chapter XLIX. Another Friend of God

Chapter L. “The Glory of That Light”

Chapter LI. The Dark Shadow

Chapter LII. The Knight of God

Chapter LIII. God’s Cup of Myrrh

Chapter LIV. “Ye Shall Be Hated of All Men”

Chapter LV. A New Song

Chapter LVI. The Tablet of Wax

Chapter LVII. The Preacher and the Enemy

Chapter LVIII. From the World to God

Chapter LIX. The Gospel of the Friends of God

Chapter LX. The Labour Ended, the Rest Begun