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Verse 22. And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him. If we are truly his children, and ask in a proper manner. See Barnes "Mt 7:7".

Comp. Mr 11:24; Lu 11:9; 18:1-10; Joh 14:13; 15:7; 1 Jo 5:14".

The declaration here made must be understood with these limitations:

(1.) that we ask in a proper manner, Jas 4:3; and,

(2,) that the thing asked shall be such as will be consistent for God to give; that is, such as he shall see to be best for us, 1 Jo 5:14. See Barnes "1 Jo 5:14".


Because we keep his commandments. Not that this is the meritorious ground of our being heard, but that it furnishes evidence that we are his children, and he hears his children as such.

And do those things that are pleasing in his sight. As a parent is disposed to bestow favours on obedient, affectionate, and dutiful children, so God is on those who please him by their obedience and submission to his will. We can have no hope that he will hear us unless we do so live as to please him.

{d} "whatsoever" Ps 145:18,19; Pr 15:29; Mr 11:24

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