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THE GENERAL EPISTLE OF JUDE - Chapter 1 - Verse 17

Verses 17, 18. But, beloved, remember ye, etc. There is a striking similarity between these two verses and 2 Pe 3:1-3. It occurs in the same connexion, following the description of the false and dangerous teachers against whom the apostle would guard them, and couched almost in the same words. See it explained in Notes on the similar passage in Peter. When Jude (Jude 1:17) entreats them to remember the words which were spoken by the apostles, it is not necessarily to be inferred that he was not himself an apostle, for he is speaking of what was past, and there might have been a special reason why he should refer to something that they would distinctly remember which had been spoken by the other apostles on this point. Or it might be that he meant also to include himself among them, and to speak of the apostles collectively, without particularly specifying himself.

Mockers. The word rendered mockers here is the same which in the parallel place in 2 Pe 3:3 is rendered scoffers. Peter has stated more fully what was the particular subject on which they scoffed, and has shown that there was no occasion for it, 2 Pe 3:4, seq.

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