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Verse 13. The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you. It will be seen at once that much of this is supplied by our translators; the words "church that is" not being in the original. The Greek is, h en babulwni suneklekth; and might refer to a church, or to a female. Wall, Mill, and some others, suppose that the reference is to a Christian woman, perhaps the wife of Peter himself. Comp, 2 Jo 1:1. But the Arabic, Syriac, and Vulgate, as well as the English versions, supply the word church. This interpretation seems to be confirmed by the word rendered elected together withsuneklekth. This word would be properly used in reference to one individual if writing to another individual, but would hardly be appropriate as applied to an individual addressing a church. It could not readily be supposed, moreover, that any one female in Babylon could have such a prominence, or be so well known, that nothing more would be necessary to designate her than merely to say, "the elect female." On the word Babylon here, and the place denoted by it, see the Intro., & 2.

And so doth Marcus my son. Probably John Mark. See Barnes "Ac 12:12"; See Barnes "Ac 15:37".

Why he was now with Peter is unknown. If this was the Mark referred to, then the word son is a title of affection, and is used by Peter with reference to his own superior age. It is possible, however, that some other Mark may be referred to, in whose conversion Peter had been instrumental.

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