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Verse 4. To whom coming. To the Lord Jesus, for so the word "Lord" is to be understood in 1 Pe 2:3. See Barnes "Ac 1:24".

The idea here is, that they had come to him for salvation, while the great mass of men rejected him. Others "disallowed" him, and turned away from him, but they had seen that he was the one chosen or appointed of God, and had come to him in order to be saved. Salvation is often represented as coming to Christ. See Mt 11:28.

As unto a living stone. The allusion in this passage is to Isa 28:16, "Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner-stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste." See Barnes "Isa 28:16".

There may be also possibly an allusion to Ps 118:22, "The stone which the builders disallowed, is become the head-stone of the corner." The reference is to Christ as the foundation on which the church is reared. He occupied the same place in regard to the church which a foundation-stone does to the edifice that is reared upon it. Comp. Mt 7:24,25. See Barnes "Ro 9:33, See Barnes "Eph 2:20, seq. The phrase "living stone" is however unusual, and is not found, I think, except in this place. There seems to be an incongruity in it, in attributing life to a stone, yet the meaning is not difficult to be understood. The purpose was not to speak of a temple, like that at Jerusalem, made up of gold and costly stones; but of a temple made up of living materials—of redeemed men—in which God now resides. In speaking of that, it was natural to refer to the foundation on which the whole rested, and to speak of that as corresponding to the whole edifice. It was all a living temple—a temple composed of living materials—from the foundation to the top. Compare the expression in Joh 4:10, "He would have given thee living water;" that is, water which would have imparted life to the soul. So Christ imparts life to the whole spiritual temple that is reared on him as a foundation.

Disallowed indeed of men. Rejected by them, first by the Jews, in causing him to be put to death; and then by all men when he is offered to them as their Saviour. See Barnes "Isa 53:3".

See Barnes "Ps 118:22"

: "Which the builders refused." Comp. See Barnes "Mt 21:42"; See Barnes "Ac 4:11".


But chosen of God. Selected by him as the suitable foundation on which to rear his church.

And precious. Valuable. The universe had nothing more valuable on which to rear the spiritual temple.

{b} "disallowed" Ps 118:22 {*} "disallowed" "rejected"

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