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Verse 24. By faith Moses. He had confidence in God when he called him to be the leader of his people. He believed that he was able to deliver them; and he so trusted in him that he was willing, at his command, to forego the splendid prospects which opened before him in Egypt.

When he was come to years. Gr. "being great;" that is, when he was grown up to manhood. He was at that time forty years of age. See Barnes "Ac 7:23".

He took this step, therefore, in the full maturity of his judgment, and when there was no danger of being influenced by the ardent passions of youth.

Refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter. When saved from the ark in which he was placed on the Nile, he was brought up for the daughter of Pharaoh, Ex 2:9. He seems to have been adopted by her, and trained up as her own son. What prospects this opened before him is not certainly known. There is no probability that he would be the heir to the crown of Egypt, as is often affirmed, for there is no proof that the crown descended in the line of daughters; nor, if it did, is there any probability that it would descend on an adopted son of a daughter. But his situation could not but be regarded as highly honourable, and as attended with great advantages. It gave him the opportunity of receiving the best education which the times and country afforded—an opportunity of which he seems to have availed himself to the utmost. See Barnes "Ac 7:22".

It would doubtless be connected with important offices in the state. It furnished the opportunity of a life of ease and pleasure—such as they commonly delight in who reside at courts. And it doubtless opened before him the prospect of wealth, for there is no improbability in supposing that he would be the heir of the daughter of a rich monarch. Yet all this, it is said, he "refused." There is indeed no express mention made of his formally and openly refusing it, but his leaving the court, and identifying himself with his oppressed countrymen was, in fact, a refusal of these high honours, and of these brilliant prospects. It is not impossible that, when he became acquainted with his real history, there was some open and decided refusal, on his part, to be regarded as the son of the daughter of this heathen monarch.

{d} "Moses" Ex 2:10,11

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