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Verse 3. And after the second veil. There were two veils to the tabernacle. The one which is described in Ex 26:36,37, was called "the hanging for the door of the tent," and was made of "blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine-twined linen," and was suspended on five pillars of shittim-wood, overlaid with gold. This answered for a door to the whole tabernacle. The second or inner veil, here referred to, divided the holy from the most holy place. This is described in Ex 26:31-33. It was made of the same materials as the other, though it would seem in a more costly manner, and with more embroidered work. On this veil the figures of the cherubim were curiously wrought. The design of this veil was to separate the holy from the most holy place; and in regard to its symbolical meaning we can be at no loss, for the apostle Paul has himself explained it in this chapter. See Barnes "Heb 9:8, seq.

The tabernacle. That is, the inner tabernacle; or that which was more properly called the tabernacle. The name was given to either of the two rooms into which it was divided, or to the whole structure.

Which is called the Holiest of all. It was called "the Most Holy Place;" "the Holy of Holies;" or "the Holiest of all." It was so called because the symbol of the Divine Presence—the Shekinah—dwelt there between the cherubim.

{a} "veil" Ex 26:31,31

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