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THE EPISTLE OF PAUL TO TITUS - Chapter 2 - Verse 11

Verse 11. For the grace of God. The favour of God, shown to the undeserving. See Barnes "Ro 1:7".


That bringeth salvation. Marg., to all men, hath appeared. That is, in the margin, "the grace which brings salvation to all men has been revealed." The marginal reading is most in accordance with the Greek, though it will bear either construction. If that which is in the text be adopted, it means that the plan of salvation has been revealed to all classes of men; that is, that it is announced or revealed to all the race that they may be saved. Comp. See Barnes "Col 1:23".

If the other rendering be adopted, it means that that plan was fitted to secure the salvation of all men; that none were excluded from the offer; that provision had been made for all, and all might come and be saved. Whichever interpretation be adopted, the sense here will not be essentially varied. It is, that the gospel was adapted to man as man, and therefore might include servants as well as masters; subjects, as well as kings; the poor, as well as the rich; the ignorant, as well as the learned. See See Barnes "1 Ti 2:1,2"; See Barnes "Ac 17:26".


{e} "grace of God" Ro 5:15 {3} "hath appeared" "hath appeared to all men"

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