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THE EPISTLE OF PAUL TO TITUS - Chapter 1 - Verse 13

Verse 13. This witness is true. That is, this testimony, long before borne by one of their own number, was true when the apostle wrote to Titus. The fact that this was the general character of the people, was a reason why he should be on his guard in introducing men into the ministry, and in the arrangement of affairs pertaining to the church. That it was true, see proofs in Wetstein.

Wherefore rebuke them. See Barnes "2 Ti 4:2".


Sharply. apotomwvcuttingly, severely—from apotemnw, to cut off. The word is used here in the sense of severity, meaning that the reproof should be such as would be understood, and would show them plainly the wickedness of such traits of character, he was not to be mealy-mouthed, but he was to call things by their right names, and not to spare their faults. When men know that they are doing wrong, we should tell them so in few words; if they do not know it, it is necessary to teach them, in order to convince them of their error.

That they may be sound in the faith. That they may not allow the prevailing vices to corrupt their views of religion.

{*} "witness" "testimony" {a} "rebuke them sharply" 2 Ti 4:2

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