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Verse 10. Which is renewed in knowledge. In Eph 4:24, it is said that the new man is "created after God in righteousness and true holiness." In this place it is added that to the renewed soul knowledge is imparted, and it is made in that respect as man was when he was first created. This passage, in connexion with Eph 4:24, proves that before man fell he was endowed with "righteousness, true holiness, and knowledge." The knowledge here referred to is not the knowledge of everything, but the knowledge of God. Man was acquainted with his Creator. He resembled him in his capacity for knowledge. He was an intelligent being, and he had an acquaintance with the Divine existence and perfections. Comp. See Barnes "Ro 5:12".

But especially had he that knowledge which is the fear of the Lord; that knowledge of God which is the result of love. Piety, in the Scriptures, is often represented as the "knowledge" of God. See Barnes "Joh 17:3".

Comp. See Barnes "Eph 3:19.


After the image of him that created him. So as to resemble God. In knowledge he was made in the likeness of his Maker.

{e} "in knowledge" Eph 4:23,24

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