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Verse 10. And ye are complete in him. Having no need, for the purposes of salvation, of any aid to be derived from the philosophy of the Greeks, or the traditions of the Jews. All that is necessary to secure your salvation is to be found in the Lord Jesus. There is a completion, or a filling up, in him, so as to leave nothing wanting. This is true in respect

(1.) to the wisdom which is needful to guide us;

(2.) the atonement to be made for sin;

(3.) the merit by which a sinner can be justified; and

(4.) the grace which is needful to sustain us in the trials, and to aid us in the duties of life. See Barnes "1 Co 1:30".

There is no necessity, therefore, that we should look to the aid of philosophy, as if there was a defect in the teachings of the Saviour; or to human strength, as if he were unable to save us; or to the merits of the saints, as if those of the Redeemer were not sufficient to meet all our wants. The sentiment advanced in this verse would overthrow the whole papal doctrine of the merits of the saints, and, of course, the whole doctrine of papal "indulgences."

Which is the head. See Barnes "Eph 1:21"; See Barnes "Eph 1:22".


{a} "complete in him" Heb 5:9 {b} "head of all" 1 Pe 3:22 on Eph. i. 21, 22.

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