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Verse 10. That ye might walk worthy of the Lord. That you may live as becomes the followers of the Lord. How this was to be done he states in this and the following verses.

Unto all pleasing. So as to please him in all things. Comp. Heb 11:5.

Being fruitful in every good work. This is one way in which we are to walk worthy of the Lord, and so as to please him. See Barnes "Joh 15:8".

And increasing in the knowledge of God. This is another way in which we may walk worthy of the Lord, and so as to please him. It is by endeavouring to become better acquainted with his true character. God is pleased with those who desire to understand what he is; what he does; what he purposes; what he commands. Hence he not only commands us to study his works, (comp. Ps 111:2,) but he has made a world so beautiful as to invite us to contemplate his perfections as reflected in that world. All good beings desire that others should understand their character, and God delights in those who are sincerely desirous of knowing what he is, and who inquire with humility and reverence into his counsels and his will. Men are often displeased when others attempt to look into their plans, for they are sensible they will not bear the light of investigation. God has no plans which would not be seen to be, in the highest degree, glorious to him.

{e} "worthy of the Lord" Php 1:27 {f} "pleasing" 1 Th 4:1 {g} "fruitful" Joh 15:8,16 {h} "increasing in the knowledge" 2 Pe 3:18

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