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Verse 19. But my God shall supply all your need. That is, "You have shown your regard for me as a friend of God, by sending to me in my distress, and I have confidence that, in return for all this, God will supply all your wants when you are in circumstances of necessity." Paul's confidence in this seems not to have been founded on any express revelation; but on the general principle that God would regard their offering with favour. Nothing is lost, even in the present life, by doing good. In thousands of instances it is abundantly repaid. The benevolent are not usually poor; and if they are, God often raises up for them benefactions, and sends supplies in a manner as unexpected, and bearing proofs of Divine interposition as decided, as when supplies were sent by the ravens to the prophet.

According to his riches in glory, See Barnes "Eph 3:16".

The word "riches" here means his abundant fulness; his possessing all things; his inexhaustible ability to supply their wants. The phrase, "in glory," is probably to be connected with the following phrase, "by Christ Jesus;" and means that the method of imparting supplies to men was through Jesus Christ, and was a glorious method; or, that it was done in a glorious manner. It is such an expression as Paul is accustomed to use when speaking of what God does. He is not satisfied with saying simply that it is so; but connects with it the idea that whatever God does is done in a way worthy of himself, and so as to illustrate his own perfections.

By Christ Jesus. By the medium of Christ; or through him. All the favours that Paul expected for himself, or his fellowmen, he believed would be conferred through the Redeemer. Even the supply of our temporal wants comes to us through the Saviour. Were it not for the atonement, there is no more reason, to suppose that blessings would be conferred on men than that they would be on fallen angels. For them no atonement has been made; and at the hand of justice they have received only wretchedness and woe.

{b} "supply all your" Ps 23:1 {*} "need" "wants" {c} "riches in glory"

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