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Verse 4. Always. There is much emphasis in the expressions which are here used. Paul labours to show them that he never forgot them; that he always remembered them in his prayers.

In every prayer of mine. This was a proof of particular and special affection, that while there were so many objects demanding his prayers, and so many other churches which he had founded, he never forgot them. The person or object that we remember in every prayer must be very dear to the heart.

For you all. Not for the church in general, but for the individual member. "He industriously repeats the word all, that he might show that he loved them all equally well, and that he might the more successfully excite them to the manifestation of the same love and benevolence." Wetstein.

Making request with joy. With joy at your consistent walk and benevolent lives—mingling thanksgiving with my prayers in view of your holy walk.

{b} "prayer of mine" Eph 1:14; 1 Th 1:2 {*} "request" "supplication"

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