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EPHESIANS - Chapter 5 - Verse 8

Verse 8. For ye were sometimes darkness. See Barnes "Eph 2:11, See Barnes "Eph 2:12"; See Barnes "1 Co 6:11".

The meaning here is, that they were themselves formerly sunk in the same ignorance, and practised the same abominations.

But now are ye light in the Lord. Light is the emblem of happiness, knowledge, holiness. The meaning is, that they had been enlightened by the Lord to see the evil of these practices, and that they ought, therefore, to forsake them.

Walk as children of light. See Barnes "Mt 1:1, on the use of the word son or children. The meaning here is, that they should live as became those who had been enlightened to see the evil of sin, and the beauty of virtue and religion. Comp. Joh 12:36, where the same phrase occurs.

{d} "ye were sometimes" Eph 2:11,12 {e} "in the lord" 1 Th 5:5 {f} "of light" Joh 12:36

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