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EPHESIANS - Chapter 5 - Verse 6

Verse 6. Let no man deceive you. Let no one, by artful plans, persuade you that there will be no danger from practising these vices. We may suppose that they would be under strong temptations to mingle in the gay and festive scenes where these vices were not frowned on, or where they were practised; or that they might be tempted to commit them by some of the plausible arguments which were then used for theft indulgence. Many of their friends may have been in these circles; and they would endeavour to convince them that such were the customs which had been long practised, and that there could be no harm still in theft indulgence. Not a few philosophers endeavoured, as is well known, to defend some of these practices, and even practised them themselves. See Barnes "Ro 1:1"

and following. It required, therefore, all the authority of an apostle to convince them, that however plausible were the arguments in defence of them, they certainly exposed those who practised them to the wrath of God.

For because of these things cometh the wrath of God. See Barnes "Ro 1:18"; See Barnes "Ro 2:8"; See Barnes "Ro 2:9".


Upon the children of disobedience. See Barnes "Mt 1:1"; See Barnes "Ro 2:8".


{c} "with vain words" Jer 29:8,9 {1} "disobedience" "unbelief"

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