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EPHESIANS - Chapter 4 - Verse 11

Verse 11. And he gave some, apostles. He gave some to be apostles. The object here is to show that he has made ample provision for the extension and edification of his church. On the meaning of the word apostles, and on their appointment by the Saviour, See Barnes "Mt 10:1".


And some, prophets, he appointed some to be prophets. See Barnes "Ro 12:6"; See Barnes "1 Co 12:28"; See Barnes "1 Co 14:1".


And some, evangelists. See Barnes "Ac 21:8".

Comp. 2 Ti 4:5. The word does not elsewhere occur in the New Testament. What was the precise office of the evangelist in the primitive church it is now impossible to determine. The evangelist may have been one whose main business was preaching, and who was not particularly engaged in the government of the church. The word properly means, "a messenger of good tidings;" and Robinson (Lex.) supposes that it denotes a minister of the gospel who was not located in any place, but who travelled as a missionary to preach the gospel, and to found churches. The word is so used now by many Christians; but it cannot be proved that it is so used in the New Testament. An explanation of the words which here occur may be found in Neander on the Primitive Church, in the Biblical Repository, vol. iv. p. 268, seq. The office was distinct from that of the pastor, the teacher, and the prophet; and was manifestly an office in which preaching was the main thing.

And some, pastors. Literally, shepherdspoimenav. Comp. Mt 9:36; 25:32; 26:31; Mr 6:34; 14:27; Lu 2:8,16,18,20; Joh 10:2, Joh 10:11,12,14,16, where it is rendered shepherd, and shepherds; also Heb 13:20; 1 Pe 2:25. In Mt 26:31 Mr 6:27; Heb 13:20; 1 Pe 2:25, it is applied to the Lord Jesus as the great Shepherd of the flock—the church. It is rendered pastors only in the place before us. The word is given to ministers of the gospel with obvious propriety, and with great beauty. They are to exercise the same watchfulness and care over the people of their charge which a shepherd does over his flock. See Barnes "Joh 21:15"; See Barnes "Joh 21:16".

The meaning here is, that Christ exercised a special care for his church by appointing pastors who would watch over it as a shepherd does over his flock.

And teachers. See Barnes "Ro 12:7".


{b} "he gave some" "1 Co 12:28"

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