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EPHESIANS - Chapter 4 - Verse 7

Verse 7. But unto every one of us. Every Christian.

Is given grace. The favour of God; meaning here, that God had bestowed upon each sincere Christian the means of living as he ought to do, and had in his gospel made ample provision that they might walk worthy of their vocation. What are the endowments thus given the apostle states in the following verses. The grace referred to here, most probably, means the gracious influences of the Holy Spirit, or his operations on the heart in connexion with the use of the means which God has appointed.

According to the measure of the gift of Christ. Grace is bestowed upon all true Christians, and all have enough to enable them to live a life of holiness. Yet we are taught here,

(1.) that it is a gift. It is bestowed on us. It is not what is originated by ourselves.

(2.) It is by a certain measure. It is not unlisted, and without rule. There is a wise adaptation; an imparting it by a certain rule. The same grace is not given to all, but to all is given enough to enable them to live as they ought to live.

(3.) That measure is the gift of Christ, or what is given in Christ. It comes through him. It is what he has purchased; what he has obtained by his merits. All have enough for the purposes for which God has called them into his kingdom; but there are not the same endowments conferred on all. Some have grace given them to qualify them for the ministry; some to be apostles; some to be martyrs; some to make them eminent as public benefactors. All this has been obtained by Christ; and one should not complain that another has more distinguished endowments than he has. See Barnes "Ro 12:3"; See Barnes "Joh 1:16.


{a} "of the gift" Ro 12:3

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