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EPHESIANS - Chapter 3 - Verse 5

Verse 5. Which in other ages. The great purposes of God in regard to the salvation of mankind were not revealed. See Barnes "Ro 16:25".


And prophets. Those who exercised the office of a prophet or inspired teacher in the Christian church. See Barnes "1 Co 12:1".


By the Spirit. This proves that those who exercised the office of prophet in the Christian church were inspired. They were persons endowed in this manner for the purpose of imparting to the newly-formed churches the doctrines of the Christian system. There is no evidence that this was designed to be a permanent order of men in the church. They were necessary for settling the church on a permanent basis, in the absence of a full written revelation, and when the apostles were away. When the volume of revelation was finished, and the doctrines of the gospel were fully understood, the functions of the office ceased.

{b} "made known" Mt 13:17; Ro 16:25; 1 Pe 1:10-12

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