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EPHESIANS - Chapter 2 - Verse 21

Verse 21. In whom. That is, by whom, or upon whom. It was in connexion with him, or by being reared on him as a foundation.

All the building. The whole church of Christ.

Fitly framed together. The word here used means, to joint together, as a carpenter does the frame-work of a building. The materials are accurately and carefully united by mortices and tenons, so that the building shall be firm. Different materials may be used, and different kinds of timber may be employed; but one part shall be worked into another, so as to constitute a durable and beautiful edifice. So in the church. The different materials of the Jews and Gentiles; the people of various nations, though heretofore separated and discordant, become now united, and form an harmonious society. They believe the same doctrines; worship the same God; practise the same holiness, and look forward to the same heaven.

Groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord. See Barnes "1 Co 3:17"; See Barnes "2 Co 6:16".


{h} "holy temple" 1 Co 3:17; 2 Co 6:16

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