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EPHESIANS - Chapter 2 - Verse 6

Verse 6. And hath raised us up together. That is, we are raised from the death of sin to the life of religion, in connexion with the resurrection of Jesus, and in virtue of that. So close is the connexion between him and his people, that his resurrection made theirs certain. Comp. Col 2:12. See Barnes "Ro 6:5".


And made us sit together. Together with him. That is, we share his honours. So close is our connexion with him, that we shall partake of his glory, and in some measure do now. See Barnes "Mt 19:28, and See Barnes "Ro 8:17".


In heavenly places. See Barnes "Eph 1:3".

The meaning is, that he has gone to the heavenly world as our Head and Representative. His entrance there is a pledge that we shall also enter there. Even here we have the anticipation of glory, and are admitted to exalted honours, as if we sat in heavenly places, in virtue of our connexion with him.

In Christ Jesus. It is in connexion with him that we are thus exalted, and thus filled with joy and peace. The meaning of the whole is, "We are united to Christ. We die with him, and live with him. We share his sufferings, and we share his joys. We become dead to the world in virtue of his death; we become alive unto God in virtue of his resurrection; in heaven we shall share his glory and partake of his triumphs."

{c} "us up together" Col 2:12

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