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EPHESIANS - Chapter 1 - Verse 20

Verse 20. Which he wrought in Christ. Which he exerted in relation to the Lord Jesus when he was dead. The power which was then exerted was as great as that of creation. It was imparting life to a cold and "mangled" frame. It was to open again the arteries and veins, and teach the heart to beat and the lungs to heave. It was to diffuse vital warmth through the rigid muscles, and to communicate to the body the active functions of life. It is impossible to conceive of a more direct exertion of power than in raising up the dead; and there is no more striking illustration of the nature of conversion than such a resurrection.

And set him at his own right hand. The idea is, that great power was displayed by this, and that a similar exhibition is made when man is renewed and exalted to the high honour of being made an heir of God. On the fact that Jesus was received to the right hand of God, See Barnes "Mr 16:19"

See Barnes "Ac 2:33".


In the heavenly places. See Barnes "Eph 1:3".

The phrase here evidently means in heaven itself.

{a} "raised him from the dead" Ac 2:24,32

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