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EPHESIANS - Chapter 1 - Verse 14

Verse 14. Which is the earnest of our inheritance. On the meaning of the, See Barnes "2 Co 1:22".


Until the redemption. See Barnes "Ro 8:23".

The meaning here is, we have the Holy Spirit as the pledge that that shall be ours, and the Holy Spirit will be imparted to us until we enter on that inheritance.

Of the purchased possession. Heaven, purchased for us by the death of the Redeemer. The word here used—peripoihsiv—occurs in the following places in the New Testament: 1 Th 5:9, rendered "to obtain salvation;" 2 Th 2:14 to the obtaining of the glory of the Lord;" Heb 10:39, "to the saving of the soul;" 1 Pe 2:9, "a peculiar people;" literally, a people of acquirement to himself; and in the passage before us. It properly means, an acquisition, an obtaining, a laying up. Here it means, the complete deliverance from sin, and the eternal salvation acquired for us by Christ. The influence of the Holy Spirit, renewing and sanctifying us, comforting us in trials, and sustaining us in afflictions, is the pledge that the redemption is yet to be wholly ours.

Unto the praise of his glory. See Eph 1:6

{c} "of our inheritance" 2 Co 5:5 {a} "of the purchased" Ro 8:23 {b} "possession" Ac 20:28 {c} "of his glory" Eph 1:6,12

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