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EPHESIANS - Chapter 1 - Verse 8

Verse 8. Wherein he hath abounded. Which he has liberally manifested to us. This grace has not been stinted and confined, but has been liberal and abundant.

In all wisdom. That is, he has evinced great wisdom in the plan of salvation; wisdom in so saving men as to secure the honour of his own law, and in devising a scheme that was eminently adapted to save men. See Barnes "1 Co 1:24".


And prudence. The word here used (fronhsiv) means understanding, thinking, prudence. The meaning here is, that so to speak, God had evinced great intelligence in the plan of salvation. There was ample proof of mind and of thought, it was adapted to the end in view. It was far-seeing; skilfully arranged; and carefully formed. The sense of the whole is, that there was a wise design running through the whole plan, and abounding in it in an eminent degree.

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